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General characteristics

drawn by hand and in accordance with the academic standards of each country mentioned. They are drawn in a precise and accurate way to facilitate easier learning. They are designed to be used in primary school textbooks, for reading/writing methods and calligraphy, children’s literature for educational purposes, etc.
For each type of letter, we show some of its potential applications: for use on its own, on Montessori guidelines and on a grid. There are PostScript fonts in the Tipo1, TrueType, OpenType formats and some in the MultipleMaster format. Available for Mac, PC and Unix.
The guidelines, points and arrows that appear in colour are separate typefaces that are superimposed onto the letters.

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Texto sobre pauta Montessori Sobre pauta cuadricula

Escolar Flecha Modelo Calada

Grecas gruesos de letras

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