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Welcome to Anyetipo

We are a font design team specialising in cursive calligraphy for school textbooks.
We design fonts, logos and more...
We have worked with the best international publishing houses and desktop publishing companies since 1992, and we create typefaces according to the needs of the customer. You can find more specific information about the services we offer on our services page.

You can also browse our catalogue of fonts online, download it or request a quote.

At: http://antoan.bubok.es/ you can print the catalogue at cost price.

Here are just some of our customers
  • Grupo Santillana de Ediciones
  • Grupo Editorial Luis Vives
  • Cambrige University Press
  • McGran Hill Education
  • Editorial EDEBE
  • Ediciones SM
  • Editora Socio Cultural
  • Grupo Editorial Bruño
  • Editorial Everest
  • Ediciones Akal
  • Santillana en Red
  • Editorial San Pablo
  • Pearson Education
  • Editorial Casals
  • Ediciones Larousse Venezuela
  • Publicaciones Puertorriqueñas
  • Grupo Anaya
  • Oxford University Press

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