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The Usage Licence for Anyetipo fonts was updated in 2014.

With the purchase of the typeface Usage Licence, ANYETIPO:

-Gives you a Licence (without transfer of ownership) to use the typeface software, so that you have the right to view them and use them graphically for any form of printing that you deem appropriate.
-Authorises you to make a backup copy of said typefaces.
-They can be installed in a maximum of three workstations or CPUs (Central Processing Unit), a printer port and an imagesetter simultaneously, at one single site.

-For filming or printing services in any other location, the documents must be sent in PDF or another similar format, where the typefaces are integrated and the original fonts are not included.
-You are authorised to integrate them into programs for Multimedia Systems and Websites, provided that the end users of said products do not have access to the original typefaces (they must not be able to copy them for potential later use).
-In order to use these typefaces in a network or on more computers, additional licences will need to be obtained.

-The functioning of the typefaces is guaranteed forever, within the operating systems that were in place when they were purchased.
-We will not be held responsible for indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages deriving from or related to our typefaces. The customer only has the right to a free replacement if they can demonstrate that the font has stopped working for reasons beyond their control. If the font becomes impaired due to misuse, internal manipulation, loss of the font itself or a change of operating system, the customer will need to pay the costs for shipping and update, if necessary.

-This licence is only valid alongside the purchase invoice and the proof of payment, which will specify the date of sale, the customer’s details (their tax number and postal address), the typefaces ordered and the number of authorised devices.

 -This licence does not authorise the software to be loaned, given, rented or sold, either fully or partially, to third parties. Neither does it authorise modification, disassembly or the creation of derivative products or products based on said typefaces, without express authorisation from ANYETIPO.

-We will terminate this licence without warning if any of the stipulated terms are breached. If this happens, all the software and any copies will have to be destroyed, as well as all kinds of printed information related to it. Print and keep a copy of this licence if we have not already sent it to you.

Madrid, 1 March 2014

Consider this information before placing your orders.